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Are you Related to Me?

For several years now, I have been trying to find my birth mother and my half brother.  I have registered with various adoption organizations, and joined several Adoption Forums. To date, I have had no luck.

Now I think it is time to post the information on my website as a means to trying to locate my birth family.

Birth Name:  

Baby Girl Parmentier (perhaps PARMENTER)

Adoptive Name:  

Bonni Alisa Sugarman

Date of Birth:  

February 28, 1963

Place of Birth:  

Bellevue Hospital, NY, NY

Birth Mother's Name:  

Norma Parmentier, aka Norma Santos, aka Norma Marina

Birth Father's Name:  



Stanley Cutler of Rosenhouse & Cutler, Somerset, NJ

Adoption Finalized:  

April 1964 in New Brunswick, NJ

Other Information: (Believed to be factual....)
Birth mother was married and while her husband was away in the service (it is thought that he was a sailor), she had an affair with her boss, and got pregnant. She decided to put me up for adoption.

I also learned that I have an older (half) brother who would be about three years older than I am. Not sure of any other siblings.

When I received my adoption papers, part of that information included a reference by the attorney to a "sister in law", which turned out to be one of my favorite aunts. My aunt told me that she actually met my birth mother and said that she was a "darling person". She did not have very much information, but her story did coincide with the one that my father told me.

I was adopted, at four days old, by a wonderful family who lived in East Brunswick, NJ. I had a very happy childhood, and I do consider myself lucky. However, my adoptive mother passed away in 2000 of cancer, and my adoptive father died in 2009 from complications from Alzheimer's Disease.

I now find myself wanting to find our more about my family history, my background, and with a bit of luck, find my birth mother, birth half brother, and any other family members out there.

I am not looking to upset anyone's life. I am not even sure that I am looking for an on-going relationship. Of course, if that happens, I would welcome it.

I just want to find out who I really am and where my roots are!


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